Thursday, April 21, 2011

Arun Venjaramoodu Died - Vodafone Comedy Stars VIP Team Member

The funeral of Arun was done on 19 April 2011.

Hundreds of Mimicry artistes, people came to give tributes to him and everyone was filled with tears.

In 2011 Vodafone Comedy Stars the winners were VIP Team who won the First prize.

Film stars like Suraj Venjaramoodu came to Arun's funeral. Arun was the close relative of Suraj.

Arun Venjaramoodu had acted in a few malayalam cinmeas like Mohabbath, College Days, Themmadikoottam and had presented many shows in gulf countries also.

Malayalam Comedy artiste Arun L.B of Venjaramoodu died on 18 April 2011 at an accident which occurred in Porunthamanil.

Arun Venjaramoodu was participating in a Reality show in Asianet channel called "Vodafone Comedy Stars".

Arun was a member of the 'VIP team' of Nelson in the Vodafone comedy Stars Program which was one of the popular reality shows in Kerala tv channels.

Photos of Arun Venjaramoodu

Arun was aged 28 years and was a good commedy artiste who is the relative of the famous Malayalam Comedy actor Suraj Venjaramoodu.

On Monday evening Arun and his friend Noble were traveling in a car towards Kottarakkara to present a Commedy show , when this tragic incident happened.

Their car was hit by a Mini-Lorry and both Arun and Noble were taken to a nearby hospital.

Arun died at the spot of accident itself. Noble is admitted at the Hospital with injuries.

Noble was also a participant of Vodafone Comedy Stars.

The car was going from Venjaramood to Kilimanoor and the Lorry came from opposite direction.

One side of the care had fully become damaged and the Arun and Noble were taken outside by breaking the car.

Arun's residence is 'Revathy' near Venjaramoodu Sindhu Theatre. Arun's wife is Arunima.

Noble is aged 26 years and his house is 'Chisthian Cottage' Thycadu.

Both were young artistes and the loss of Arun L.B is a big loss to people of Kerala.

Vodafone Comedy Stars is a Malayalam comedy reality show in Asianet, the first private Malayalam satellite channel in Malayalam. The show is a super rated reality show in Malayalam.

It is anchored by Shruthi Menon. The performances are judged by Malayalam film actor Jagadeesh (chief judge), mimicry artist Tini Tom, Malayalam film actress kalpana (special judge) and Malayalam film actor Manyampillaraju. The director is Biju Melia. The reams include: Team VIP Team Chirikudduka Team Mars Team Rock

Arun Venjaramoodu of Vodafone Commedy Stars Reality Show Died in Accident

VIP Team Best Performance in 'Vodafone Comedy Stars' Asianet Show

Vodaphone Comedy Star Malayalam Comedy Skit

v i p team vodaphone comedy stars skits videos

Vodafone comedy stars team VIP


  1. A big loss and we never get such an good actor again. We pray for his soul. RIP.

  2. i dont blv that.............

  3. a big loss in the film industry

  4. Arun Machane... we miss you... we lost you as well as your team VIP. Its very poor performance by team VIP now a days.


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